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kaethe_trillian's Journal

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Hey, Kaethe here.
I guess you could say I'm one of those nerdy girls that you don't often hear about. I love psychology and dark chocolate, I'm in college (w00t for me) I play video games when I have the time. I'm a Christian, and currently inbetween christian clubs.
So yeah, I just realized this li'l bio was from like, two years ago...and that's really sad. So I decided to update it.
I don't watch much TV, I read when I can, I IM more than I should, I write a lot but you'll most likely never read it =P My best friends are Elly, Ryan, Jason and Matt. *hugz all around to the Mighty Foursome* We are t3h peeplz!
Oh yeah, I also RP off and on, mostly Phantom of the Opera. *hugz for Heather and Kat* It's fun.